David S. Owen, Software Engineer

+1 435-363-4750
Wellsville, UT
United States of America

Project Highlights


Python: Major work on several complex Django-based webapps; a team & project scheduler using an A* search algorithm; and, involvement and presentations for Utah Python User Group.

PL/pgSQL: Including database functions and triggers.

R: Modeling and prediction. Basic competence of the language itself.

ANSI Common Lisp: Text-processing and generation; database conversions; business, scientific, and web applications.

Java: Web development; wrote a framework while at Arkona that sped development significantly. Developed for embedded Javelin Stamp systems with limited memory and no GC, for robotic control. Also taught Java at Westminster College as a Tutor and Supplemental Instructor.

C/C++: System-level interaction, foreign-function interfaces (for Java and Lisp), AI data structures and search, numerical methods and scientific visualization.

JavaScript: Significant use for interactive sites. Experience with jQuery, Prototype, Dojo. A bit rusty for modern libraries and usage.

x86 assembly: 16-bit, 32-bit real, and 32-protected modes. Hardware interfacing including IRQ handling and DMA; performance optimizations (mostly graphics).


Favorite tools: at, {a,de}ttachtty, awk, bash, bzr, cron, diff, emacs, gcc, grep, gs, make, patch, postgresql, rdiff-backup, rsync, sbcl, screen, sed, slime, ssh, tex, trac, vim.

Open-Source Contributions

procps, top
Bug report and proposed fix for data corruption on AMD64; actual fix based on proposed
Patch for 64-bit compatibility
Patch for typed error-handling (in development)
Gentoo Overlay for Bazaar
Bug report and patch for bzr ebuild on noexec,nosuid filesystem
Bug report and patch for subversion-1.4.6 bindings for bzr

Example Code

On Launchpad:

Self-hosted; highlights:

Community Involvement

Other Interests

Reinforcement learning
Following Sutton's Reinforcement Learning, 2nd ed. Including both policy-learning and value-learning.
Investment analysis and optimization
Sharpe ratio, Kelly criterion, trading strategies, and aspects of temporal uncertainty.

Work History

Atomic Jolt
Logan, UT
DevOps Manager, Senior Software Engineer
Feb 2016–Jun 2021
Lexington, MA, US; Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
Software Developer & Project Manager
May 2010–Mar 2014
CVS Caremark (originally RxAmerica)
Salt Lake City, UT
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Jan 2009–May 2010
New York, NY
Software Engineer
Mar 2008–Aug 2008
Visual Influence
Salt Lake City, UT
Software Engineer
Oct 2005–Jul 2006
South Jordan, UT
Software Engineer
Jan 2003–Aug 2005


B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT
Admitted Spring 2001
Graduated Spring 2004 cum laude