David S. Owen, Software Engineer

+1 435-535-8977
Wellsville, UT
United States of America

Project Highlights


Python: Major work on several complex Django-based webapps; a team & project scheduler using an A* search algorithm; and, involvement and presentations for Utah Python User Group.

SQL: Including database functions and triggers in PL/pgSQL.

R: Modeling and prediction. Basic competence of the language itself.

ANSI Common Lisp: Text-processing and generation; database conversions; business, scientific, and web applications.

Java: Web development; wrote a framework while at Arkona that sped development significantly. Developed for embedded Javelin Stamp systems with limited memory and no GC, for robotic control. Also taught Java at Westminster College as a Tutor and Supplemental Instructor.

C/C++: System-level interaction, foreign-function interfaces (for Java and Lisp), AI data structures and search, numerical methods and scientific visualization.

JavaScript, TypeScript: Significant use for interactive sites. Experience with Vue, React, and jQuery.

x86 assembly: 16-bit, 32-bit real, and 32-protected modes. Hardware interfacing including IRQ handling and DMA; performance optimizations (mostly graphics).


Favorite tools: at, {a,de}ttachtty, awk, bash, bzr, cron, diff, emacs, gcc, grep, gs, make, patch, postgresql, rdiff-backup, rsync, sbcl, screen, sed, slime, ssh, tex, trac, vim.

Work History

Atomic Jolt
Logan, UT
DevOps Manager, Senior Software Engineer
Feb 2016–Jun 2021
Lexington, MA, US; Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
Software Developer & Project Manager
May 2010–Mar 2014


B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT
Admitted Spring 2001
Graduated Spring 2004 cum laude